The Woods team offer the full suite of surveying services with offices in Auckland and Christchurch.

From Land Transfer Surveying, Land Development, Construction Surveying, Laser Scanning, UAV Surveys, Mobile Laser Scanning, GIS Systems, BIM and 3d Modeling, Monitoring and Reality Capture


Laser Scanning

What is Laser Scanning?

Laser scanners deliver high-quality 3D data at a scan rate measuring up to one million points per second. The resulting point cloud provides accurate 3D geometry through the high saturation of points over the object.  Each scan captures High Dynamic Range imagery (HDR), which are overlaid onto the point cloud to provide rich, realistic colours. 3D models can then be generated for a number of industries, ranging from construction and architecture to civil infrastructure or plant processing.

Leaders in innovation

Woods are a leading laser scanning service provider and have a highly skilled team dedicated to this discipline without a doubt, our team has the expertise and capacity to collectively provide over a decade of experience in laser scanning.


Our laser scanners are another survey tool that can realise faster, safer and more accurate results. Whether its civil infrastructure projects like airports, railway, tunnels, bridges, roads or scan to BIM type projects associated developing 3D models for plant, buildings and structures, we have the tools and expertise to deliver.


We have a large inventory of modern surveying equipment, including mobile surveying capabilities, which support innovative and diverse solutions for our clients.


Mobile Laser Scanning

Innovation on the move

Woods is one of the few companies in New Zealand offering Mobile Laser Scanning surveying solutions.


Our experience with mobile surveying enables us to develop innovative surveying solutions for improved efficiency and safety in some of the most challenging surveying environments.

When we couple this with our experience with managing laser scan data we are proud to offer industry leading survey products for projects of any scale.  Our experience as professional surveyors enables us to produce products which are reliable and of proven quality.

What is Mobile Laser Scanning?

Mobile Laser Scanning adds another dimension to surveying.  As the names suggests it is the application of laser scanning from a moving system, usually a vehicle.  A mobile survey system is comprised of a navigation system, a laser scanner and usually includes a camera.


The navigation system is a combination of a survey grade GPS, an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and wheel encoders which track distance traveled.  We process the information from the navigation sensors to produce a time stamped trajectory.


The laser scanner measures up to 1 million points per second while the vehicle travels along the survey route.  The massive coverage of point data enables thorough capture of a wide variety of survey features.


The 360° panoramic camera provides capture of street-view imagery.  The imagery can be overlaid on the point cloud to enable an immersive 3D interaction suited to general feature mapping.  The 360° imagery is often presented as 360° video or in GIS database form.


Building Information Modelling

Leaders in Innovation

As surveyors, Woods understand how data is collected, organised, and managed is critical in maintaining not just its value, but its integrity.  We apply principles and methodologies developed with our decades of experience as surveyors in our Building Information Modelling practices.  Whether you are looking for an accurate, up to date as-built building model to commence design activities from, or on-site verification to confirm and update a design model to meet your LOD500 requirements, Woods have the knowledge and expertise to help you get the most out of your BIM over both your project, and asset, lifecycle.


UAV / Aerial Mapping

The Benefits of Aerial Data Capture

The use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) has grown significantly in recent years especially within the construction market. One of Woods principle uses of our in-house UAV is Ortho-rectified aerial imagery for our land development sites. As a project management tool, up to date aerial images provide a useful platform for planning and delivery of upcoming stages.


UAV technology provides a quick, accurate and cost effective methods to map landforms and structures. This methods provides health and safety benefits by allowing the collection of survey data without the need for personnel to enter hazardous environments such as earthworks construction environments, quarries or landfills

Outputs from aerial surveying include:

  • Geo-referened Orthophotography

  • Digital Terrain Models (DTM)

  • Earthworks Volume Calculations

  • Reality Models (3D Mesh)

  • Multi Spectral Imagery



Improving efficiency by utilising geospatial solutions

Mobile geospatial solutions

In most projects, information tends to come from many sources, such as surveys, designs, images taken on sites and mapping of planning controls. All of them have something in common: they can be assigned a location in space. Geographic Information Systems allows us and our clients to look at that data together and examine spatial dependencies and trends to better understand the area being developed and ensure the best outcome is always pursued

As an innovative and dynamic company, we use modern technologies to improve our data collection. We utilise GIS-based mobile applications to gather information in the field, required by our clients. This enables us to work faster and more efficiently, reducing processing time in the office and minimising chances of any error.


Woods Project View & HDR360

Woods offer several options from large-scale panoramic street view capture, aerial 360 imagery, building virtual tours to measurable panoramic sitemaps. Current client sites include Substations, Pacific island sites, land development sites, national property portfolios or remote rail infrastructure sites.

Woods Project View allows the viewing of 360-degree panoramic imagery captured by our mobile mapping vehicle (say at 5m intervals), our UAV aerial 360 imagery, or anywhere with our 360 degree cameras. Projects can be enhanced by accessing specific panoramic imagery for your site in the comfort of your computer or meetings to discuss planning on site. Significant savings can be realised by clients and their consultants by accessing sites remotely and efficiencies gained in the program. 

HDR360 – is a web-based private portal for viewing point cloud datasets that have been captured for specific projects and allows measurements and markups within those protals.


Construction Surveying

Construction Surveying

Our team at Woods has the experience and know-how to deliver accurate, innovate and reliable surveying solutions on your next civil, structural, infrastructure or transport project. With modern techniques, workflows and quality control you can rest assured we do not cut corners.

Projects big and small we can handle them all. High rise Surveys, Commercial Building surveys, Road and Rail Surveys. We are here to help the contractor deliver.

Our Construction Surveyors believe listening, understanding and anticipating the client’s needs is the key to success. We are confident we can tailor a solution for the most challenging construction projects.

Woods have one of the largest survey teams and fleet of equipment in Auckland which gives us the power to scale our services up and down depending on the clients needs.  

  • Building Surveying

  • Road Surveying

  • Rail Surveying

  • Steel Fabrication & Installation Surveying

  • Topographic Surveys

  • Asbuilt surveys and drafting

  • Pavement conformance surveys

  • Earthworks progress surveys and volume calculations

  • Monitoring

  • Survey control networks

  • Site GNSS base setup and maintenance

  • Machine control data management and troubleshooting



When Accuracy is Vital

Woods has sound experience with monitoring of ground, highways and structures.  We have carried out monitoring surveys as small as 4 points, and as large as 150 points, as short as several weeks or continuing for many years.


Our experience helps us to design monitoring surveys to achieve efficiency with consideration of scale and longevity of the project.


Our range of equipment enables us to leverage the various measurement technologies to apply a best approach at any scale.