Auckland's Harbour Bridge

Laser Scanning, GPS Survey Control, BIM Model

On May 2019, the Woods survey team had the challenge to produce the ASBUILT 3D model of the iconic Auckland's Harbour Bridge.

The purpose of this survey was to deliver a BIM model of the east side of the bridge to an Architectural practice office, who were working on conceptual design of the SKY PATH project.

The methodology used was the Point Cloud data based. Terrestrial scanning surveys accurately established each end of the bridge, captured with our 3D laser scanner (Leica P40). In conjunction with DML surveys the middle sections of the bridge were captured using their boat and our P40 scanner attached to their boat to get accurate data of the bottom and edges of the bridge while capturing the bottom of the channel with their hydrographic survey equipment at the same time. From the resulting point cloud and sea floor enabled a full Revit model to used in modelling .

At the end of the project, we delivered a full 3D Model of the whole Harbour Bridge (east, west, north and south) including concrete and steel structures, north and south shores topography, achieving excellent results and modelling to an accuracy of around 20mm  to the point cloud and saw consistent agreement between the TLS and MLS point clouds of around 40mm

The team consisted of Chris on survey, Sam Smith on TLS, Maksym on Survey Control, Bruci on Modelling.